Northstar Commercial Partners Facilitates Grease Monkey Expansion In Atlanta

March 31, 2015

Northstar Commercial Partners Facilitates Grease Monkey Expansion In Atlanta

Six Assets Purchased by Northstar will Create Jobs and Add Productivity to the Market

Denver Business Journal

DENVER, March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Northstar Commercial Partners announced today another major acquisition for Grease Monkey International, with a six property expansion in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Northstar Commercial Partners Facilitates Grease Monkey Expansion In AtlantaGrease Monkey, one of the nation’s largest franchisors of automotive preventative maintenance centers with over 290 locations, will utilize its partnership with Northstar to engage its business growth and further invest in local Atlanta communities.

“It is truly exciting to see continued, successful involvement with our friends at Grease Monkey,” Northstar Founder and CEO, Brian Watson, said. “Every one of our past experiences in assisting Grease Monkey across the nation, has brought with it positive results for their business as well as lasting change for the areas where these properties are located. I am fully confident our Atlanta partnership will continue this trend.”

The Atlanta-based acquisition is another time Northstar has successfully met real estate needs for Grease Monkey. In 2013, 11 properties were purchased by Northstar to help grow the company by 10%. Just last month, an additional two facilities were secured by Northstar for new Grease Monkey locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. This latest acquisition brings the total to 19 assets.  

For years, Northstar has been a leader in acquiring vacant and distressed commercial real estate, as well as purchasing real estate for and from national corporations. This has built strong trust and ushered in a host of new clients and partnerships. Northstar is always expanding their efforts to serve individual corporations nationwide with beneficial real estate opportunities that provide real estate expertise and value participation for companies, without the hassle of owning or tying up their capital in facilities.

Watson emphasized the strong impact Grease Monkey’s increased presence in Atlanta will have: “This is more than just another real estate acquisition. At Northstar, we seek to build long-term relationships with those who seek to bring good to local communities.”

“This latest opportunity with Grease Monkey in Atlanta will repurpose and reestablish foreclosed properties and make them productive once again,” Watson concluded. “This will create local jobs, build infrastructure, and open up exciting prospects for local residents and neighborhoods where these facilities are located.”

Founded in 2000 by Brian Watson, Northstar Commercial Partners is a privately held commercial real estate investment company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Northstar acquires and operates attractive commercial real estate opportunities throughout the United States and orchestrates all aspects of the investment from initial concept through to completion.

Northstar has purchased assets from a multitude of Fortune 500 companies including: Shell Oil Co., GE, Columbia House, Ball Corporation, Loomis, Cargill and a national portfolio of real estate from Benjamin Moore Paint Co., in addition to many individual assets from other owners, lenders and companies.

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