Balfour Stapleton –
A former Northstar property

What is the minimum investment for Northstar opportunities?

While it may vary from deal-to-deal, our typical investment minimum is $25,000.

Can anyone invest in a Northstar opportunity?

Unfortunately, our investments are only available to accredited and qualified investors. To see if you qualify as an accredited or qualified investor, you may read about this on the SEC’s investor website: https://www.investor.gov/additional-resources/news-alerts/alerts-bulletins/investor-bulletin-accredited-investors

According to Northstar’s Executive Investment Summary (EIS) and pro formas, you have estimated annualized returns and multiples for each deal – are these guaranteed?

None of the numbers in our documents are ever guaranteed – they are estimates. We have a team of analysts at Northstar who run our company’s financial modeling and to project reasonable returns. We have a company brochure and track record which explain what we do, and prior returns on a project by project basis. You may read our brochure or historical track record by emailing investorrelations@northstarcp.com. 

If I would like to get out of an investment – may I do so?

As of now, there is no exchangeable market for private securities, so it is very difficult. It is possible to transfer interests/securities to another investor, however you will probably have to do so at a deep discount. We always warn our investors beforehand that hold periods are not guaranteed, so it’s possible capital may be held longer than we project.

Do you have any investment materials I can read?

Our educational materials found on our Insights page can prove to be helpful. Additionally, we encourage you to read our company brochure – in order to receive it, please e-mail investorrelations@northstarcp.com

What is Northstar’s investment philosophy?

In commercial real estate, there are four main asset classes – Core, Core Plus, Value Add, and Opportunistic. While we will always look for approachable opportunities in each class, we tend to cater to opportunistic and value add assets, while also some development.

What is Northstar’s background?

Northstar was founded in 2000 by Brian Watson. Brian currently serves as Chairman and CEO of the company, and comes from a real estate-heavy background. In the company’s history, we’ve closed more than 137 deals, and to date, have roughly $1.3 billion of Assets Under Management (AUM). We accept investors from all across the world, and do all of our deals domestically in the United States.

What are the primary risk factors?

Every single investment – no matter how safe it seems, comes with inherent risk. When putting capital towards a project, you should be fully aware that losing the entirety of your investment is a possibility. While we always try our best to mitigate any potential losses, investing in real estate can fluctuate and be unpredictable.

If I have any questions, who may I contact?

Please feel free to email Investor Relations at investorrelations@northstarcp.com with any and all questions you may have. We will be sure to respond within 2 business days (most questions are answered the same day).

I’m ready! How do I begin investing?

Great! Please visit our investor portal and create a new profile at: https://invest.northstarcommercialpartners.com/. After creating an account, you will need to prove that you are an accredited or qualified investor, then you will be able to invest in any of our deals!