Northstar Commercial Partners Facilities Are Awarded Energy Star Certification

May 20, 2015

Northstar Commercial Partners Facilities Are Awarded Energy Star Certification

Denver, CO – Northstar Commercial Partners is proud to announce that three of its properties were recently awarded the prestigious 2016 Energy Star certification. The following Northstar facilities: West Point, Cherry Creek Place I, and Cherry Creek Place II, have all accepted the Energy Star Certification for the second year in a row.

In order to achieve Energy Star Certification, regular data is logged into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, which then formulates an overall rating. This certification indicates that Northstar Commercial Partners received a rating of at least 75 out of 100 on a collective scoring scale that grades each building equally on heating, cooling, water, gas, and electricity usage. A higher number rating indicates better efficiency.

Once a building is certified, the information continues to be tracked in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager on a monthly basis, and then it is posted onto the federal Energy Star website. Only a select number of buildings in the United States have received this type of certification because the standards are exact and demanding.  The fact that Northstar has been awarded more than one Energy Star certification over the years denotes its commitment to meticulous, long-term maintenance of highly competitive standards.

“We are very honored here at Northstar to receive these certifications that highlight our commitment to energy efficiency, which also provides savings to the tenants who occupy our properties,” said Brian Watson, Founder & CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners. “Our partnership with Energy Star has given us the opportunity to develop good property standards and make a positive impact on the environment while engaging with our clients.”

The Energy Star program promotes sustainability and demonstrates that the owner or manager of a building values the maintenance of its energy efficiency. To win the award, the building must use less energy, remains less expensive to operate, and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their peers.

This Energy Star certification indicates more than concern for a healthy Earth; the efficiency extends to tenant occupancy costs as well. The careful system with which Energy Star tracks and grades energy efficiency provides a useful confidence that tenants are reducing costs while being good stewards of the environment.  

Many properties acquired by Northstar are initially vacant, underperforming, or inefficient. For the benefit of the local communities and economies where they are located, Northstar readily invests resources necessary to drastically increase energy and operational efficiency, with the goal of making the properties productive once again.

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