Northstar Commercial Partners Purchases 26-Acre Aurora, Colorado Parcel for $7.75 Million, Plans Innovative Veterans-Focused Initiative

August 30, 2016

Northstar Commercial Partners Purchases 26-Acre Aurora, Colorado Parcel for $7.75 Million, Plans Innovative Veterans-Focused Initiative

DENVER, Aug. 30, 2016 – Today, Northstar Commercial Partners announced the purchase of 25.6 acres of land for $7.75 million near the intersection of Colfax and Sable in Aurora, CO.

Northstar intends to use this location to create a new supportive community focused on the local U.S. Military Veteran population in the Denver metro area while adding value to the community at large.

The “Denver Metro Veterans Project”, as the initiative has been named, is a “first-of-its-kind” real estate development project that aims to empower veterans of America’s armed forces to achieve their individual residential, employment and health related goals, leveraging best practices, services and support from public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Matt Runyon of Northstar, Army veteran and Project Manager for this effort, explained that, “In recent years, many wonderful public and private advancements have been made in serving our veteran population, but the truth is the aggregate outcomes have still fallen short. Our veterans deserve better and we at Northstar, along with many of our partners, believe that the private sector is part of the missing piece.”

“Real estate, in general, can be challenging – especially to nonprofit and public sector agencies whose core purpose is to deliver resources and services to veterans. We’re confident that the real opportunity here is for Northstar to bring efficiency to the market, leveraging private sector financial and real estate acumen to empower the work of great organizations,” Runyon concluded.

The entire team at Northstar Commercial Partners has worked to create a visionary model that it hopes to deploy in the near future, along with the support of the coalitions and partners the company has built around the project, in order to deliver the most meaningful impact.

Additionally, the project is intended to provide motive and opportunity for the community to take part in the support and reintegration of its local veteran population.

Brian Watson, Northstar’s Founder & CEO, noted that “We at Northstar have made a name in the community and across America that ‘doing well’ in real estate can go hand-in-hand with ‘doing good’ in our communities. We want to create jobs and opportunity for all Americans, and help empower them to achieve their dreams.”

“This is, broadly speaking, an incredible veterans-centric social enterprise venture unlike anything of its kind — and we are thrilled to work to make this vision become a reality. We have been meeting with veterans organizations, a variety of supporting groups and businesses, as well as innovative partners as we seek to build a coalition to define and execute next steps. This is a small way that we can help serve those, who have served our communities and Country so much,” Watson said.

Currently, a mixed-use development is planned for the site including multi-family living, healthcare, retail, and other unique opportunities. For more information on how to buy pad sites or to lease space at this exciting project, please contact Matt Runyon at 720-940-2658 or To learn more about Northstar and the assets it owns in 18 States throughout America, please visit:, and to view the other community empowerment initiatives of Brian Watson its CEO, please visit: